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Eggplant and Chicken Napoleon

MyCookbook Recipe Database
MyCookbook Member: DaleDaMule
Recipe Category: Poultry
Recipe Preparation Level: moderate
    ingredients:Skinless chicken breats(2)eggplant,tomato,white wine vinegar,white pepper,egg whites,shallots,cream cheese,dijon mustard.
    Season breast,cut eggplant into disc(about 1/2 inch thick)season eggplant disc,roll in seasoned egg batter,coat with flour.Fry both until golden brown.While hot,coat one side chicken with cream cheese,do same with eggplant,top with tomato slice,place in baking dish.Bake in oven for 15 minutes on 300 degrees.
    On stovetop,roast whole garlic in olive oil until desired consistancy.
    In small blender,add white wine vinegar,dijon mustard(to taste)shallots,pinch of white pepper,salt,hot sauce,drizzle in olive oil,roasted garlic(desired amount)mix,don't overblend.
    take napoleon,arrange on center of plate,drizzle vinagrette over top.Garnish optional.(I prefer portabella mushrooms,fried to a golden brown,with ranch dressing/vinagrette mixture)

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