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pocket sandwiches

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MyCookbook Member: vickyvan
Recipe Category: Snacks
Recipe Preparation Level: easy
    refrigerated biscuits-the amount of cans depends on how much filling you make. 1 lb or more ground meat, or cooked poultry, fish of your choice. Chopped, cooked onion. Either cook with the ground meat, or cook and add to other mixture Barbecue sauce, ketchup, or salsa-1/2 cup or more depending on amount of filling you wish to prepare. 1/4 cup or more of sour cream or prepared dressing of your choice-again depending on your amount of filling. Shredded cheese of your choice. Prepare filling as you like it: eg.-- Brown ground meat with onion, add bbq sauce, sour cream, shredded cheese. Open container of biscuits. Flatten each biscuit to make a circle. Place a tbsp or more onto the flattened biscuit, making sure you don't over fill, fold over and pinch together. Make sure the dough is pinched good and tight, so the filling doesn't spill out. Bake in oven as you would the biscuits, just until golden brown. I use the smaller biscuits for appetizer-type size, and use the 'jumbo'-type or 'Grand's' from Pillsbury, as a main meal plan. They are good for kids, as they are not real messy--especially good for birthday parties.

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